Melancholia (Movie Review)


Ok, the first 45 minutes, nope scratch that, the first hour I spent hating the movie. Really, I start falling in sleep and it’s to bad, because the images are wonderful and the actors play remarkably. The story just didn’t progress fast enough and I talked to my grandma about it and she persuaded me to keep on watching the film so I did. And then it got interesting.

We get to know the problem that Justine had felt coming. There’s a planet that will pass (or hit) the earth in five days and even Claire is feeling insecure about her safety on this planet. The rest of the film you have this feeling that something is coming, something big. This planet is threatened by a planet, that may or may not hit the earth. While Claire is afraid of Melancholia, afraid of the coming impact and the loss of her life, her son and her planet; Justine isn’t afraid and waits for the impact, the life on this planet is evil and we shouldn’t regret leaving it behind or the destruction of it.

There are so many different things you can read into this movie, that I won’t even try to tell what I saw in this movie. The actors were amazing. The second part of the movie drew me in and I could only wait the end with impatience to see what would happen and how it would end.

Kristen Dunst is normally not one of my favourite actresses, but she’s really convincing in this one and I can’t wait for her next projects.

3,5 stars, because of the beginning.


Like Crazy (Movie Review)


Aaargh. Just aargh. This started as a promising little movie about love and long distances.  Two things that don’t go together as numerous examples indicate. It’s true that it gives the start for a few good stories and movies, but Like Crazy isn’t one of them.

It starts with the meeting of the two characters. (I must say I don’t remember their names and I just finished watching the thing. I only remember the names Simon and Sam, and they are the BF and GF of the other two when they’re not together, does that make sense?). Anyways they fall desperately in love with each other and when it’s time for her to go back home because of her visa, she’s so stupid and stays a week longer. Ok, I get that this triggered the rest of the movie, but from then one, it just went downwards.

A lot of people liked this movie because it tells the story of a young love and it’s ups and down and the difficulties of a long distance relationship. And as much as I loved the actors (they played so naturally and easy, and not at all overacting like so many young actors like to do), I hated the characters. They guy, Jacob (I looked it up) was so passive and always agreeing with Anna (looked it up too) and she was just so controlling, and it always had to be her way. I like a strong female lead character, as any other girl, but she was just whining to much for my taste. She wanted to stay past her visa and then she’s surprised they don’t let her back in the United States. Euhm Girl, you asked for it.

Then it’s just one trouble after the other. They fall in love, each with another person, but then Anna calls and he’s running around his apartment, breaking up with his GF, jumping on a plane to England. There he feels like he’s on a vacation. Well, dude, you are on one. The movie keeps on coming with little things like this that are just so irritating I wanted to stop watching at several moments.

I think it was the chemistry between the actors that kept me going.

2,5 stars. I’ll probably watch it again someday, just to see if my opinion has changed about it. Who knows.

LOL (Movie Review)

I finally got my hand on the American version of the French sensation, LOL by Lisa Azuelos. As much as I liked the French one, as much do I hate the American one. It was exactly the same.

I mean the same characters, the same story, the same camerapoints, the same editing. I was disgusted by this. I could just recite the lines in French along the actors and it fitted. The same with the actors. They had the same features, the same sort of voice. I really had the feeling I was watching the same actors but playing in English.

The only thing that missed from the complete rip-off is the chemistry between the actors. It was completely missing. Demi Moore and Miley Cyrus were like complete strangers to one another.  The same for the friends. Miley Cyrus and her best friend / boyfriend is this strange combination that doesn’t fit.

Lisa Azuelos just took all her notes about her French version, translated her script in English and went to America, chose her actors and did exactly the same thing. I think if you put the English version next to the French version, you would find that they are exactly the same.

1 star, nothing more.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (Movie Review)



As much as I like the Underworld movies (not much story, but very entertaining), this one let me down. I think Michael Sheen is an amazing actor but he just didn’t surprise me in this one. I didn’t believe for a second that he really loved his vampire girlfriend and wanted to protect her from the world. And his vampire girlfriend, she was just so ugly. Just compare her to Kate Beckinsale! I only have to admire Michael Sheen’s performance at the execution of Sonja, his girlfriend. He was just so raw and real and at that moment I could feel his pain and his loss.

I really was expecting more, certainly after the revelations of the first movie, where Selene finds out the truth about the death of her family. I was really intrigued by this character that is Viktor and why he could sentence his own daughter to death.

And well, I can’t really remember the story because there wasn’t really one. The vampire and the Lycan felt in love. They still are in love and are going to be in love forever. Until Viktor finds out and screws everything up. That’s it, I guess. Just a plain old love story. There’s not even a proper enemy, unlike in the other Underworld movies, where at least you know who is against who.

Well, I still have to see the last one. And I truly hope with all my hard, that it’s better than this one.

I give it 2 stars, just for Michael Sheen performance at Sonja’s death.

The Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring (Book Review)




Wow, I finally finished reading LOTR – Fellowship of the Ring, after almost 2 years of reading. 

I know, I know, not really well from my part but I have to explain. Two years ago I saw this book in my favourite bookshop and I just had to buy it, because I am a HUGE fan of the movies and I wanted to know how the books were. So I bought it in the middle of my exams. And that was mistake number one. During already a difficult time where I have to study numerous books and other articles, all of which are quite difficult, I picked up a quite difficult book to read. I quickly left it on my nightstand because I didn’t see the end of it and I needed some lighter reading.

And then I just forgot I had it. Books kept coming in my room and ended on the to-read pile, and LOTR kept creeping to the end of the line.

And almost two years later, I picked it up again, having finished my exams and finally earned my master-degree. I started again with a renewed attention for this amazing book. 

Because it is just an amazing book. The characters are beautifully described. You just feel an endless joy when reading the adventures of the nice little hobbits (my favourite is Pippin, he’s just so cute), you admire Aragorn who just takes over Gandalf’s task after his last deed to save the fellowship and you can’t stop rooting for the starting friendship between Gimli and Legolas.

And then the scenery. I always have the following problem with fantasy books: some times I see different books and different characters in the same scenery, because everything is always happening in the same place. There is always a dark forest where our companions have to adventure, there is always a river which they have to pass and I can go on and on about this. But here it was different. Partly because all these other fantasy books are based on the LOTR-books, partly because he described it differently. I found it easier with this one to see how the forest should be and I could feel what the fellowship of the Ring was feeling on some parts of their journey. I felt dark and scared in the tunnels of Moria, and I felt at peace in the beautiful forests of the elves. 

Needles to say that I will definitely pick up the following books if I can find them in my library. (Yes I live in a city, not that big but big enough to have a big bookstore, but to small because they don’t have any books in English L ).

5 out of 5 stars, definitely and rightly earned!!


Brave (Movie Review)


I have one friend with whom I always go see Pixar and Disney movies and when we saw that Brave came out and was playing in the cinema, we just had to go. 

Determined to make her own path in life, Princess Merida defies a custom that brings chaos to her kingdom. Granted one wish, Merida must rely on her bravery and her archery skills to undo a beastly curse. (IMDB)

And did we have fun. The movie is sold as a story about a girl who has to be brave to find her destiny… And the first half of the movie is like this. Merida doesn’t want to marry one of the sons of the lords of Scotland and fights for her hand. But her mother still wants her to marry to keep the peace in their land. As stubborn as Merida is, she finds a witch and gets a spell for he mom. 

And then we get back to a typical Disney-movie. Merida has to find the witch to change the spell back. But oh the wonders she encounters on her journey.

Well all by all, the story is cute and quite entertaining if you keep in mind that it’s a Pixar movie. But the images were amazing. Merida’s hair is as wild as she is free. The clothes are beautifully made and I was captivated by the different details of the trees and the bear and everything.

Just because it’s different than any other Pixar and Disney movie, I’m going to give it 4 stars.