Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (Movie Review)



As much as I like the Underworld movies (not much story, but very entertaining), this one let me down. I think Michael Sheen is an amazing actor but he just didn’t surprise me in this one. I didn’t believe for a second that he really loved his vampire girlfriend and wanted to protect her from the world. And his vampire girlfriend, she was just so ugly. Just compare her to Kate Beckinsale! I only have to admire Michael Sheen’s performance at the execution of Sonja, his girlfriend. He was just so raw and real and at that moment I could feel his pain and his loss.

I really was expecting more, certainly after the revelations of the first movie, where Selene finds out the truth about the death of her family. I was really intrigued by this character that is Viktor and why he could sentence his own daughter to death.

And well, I can’t really remember the story because there wasn’t really one. The vampire and the Lycan felt in love. They still are in love and are going to be in love forever. Until Viktor finds out and screws everything up. That’s it, I guess. Just a plain old love story. There’s not even a proper enemy, unlike in the other Underworld movies, where at least you know who is against who.

Well, I still have to see the last one. And I truly hope with all my hard, that it’s better than this one.

I give it 2 stars, just for Michael Sheen performance at Sonja’s death.


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