LOL (Movie Review)

I finally got my hand on the American version of the French sensation, LOL by Lisa Azuelos. As much as I liked the French one, as much do I hate the American one. It was exactly the same.

I mean the same characters, the same story, the same camerapoints, the same editing. I was disgusted by this. I could just recite the lines in French along the actors and it fitted. The same with the actors. They had the same features, the same sort of voice. I really had the feeling I was watching the same actors but playing in English.

The only thing that missed from the complete rip-off is the chemistry between the actors. It was completely missing. Demi Moore and Miley Cyrus were like complete strangers to one another.  The same for the friends. Miley Cyrus and her best friend / boyfriend is this strange combination that doesn’t fit.

Lisa Azuelos just took all her notes about her French version, translated her script in English and went to America, chose her actors and did exactly the same thing. I think if you put the English version next to the French version, you would find that they are exactly the same.

1 star, nothing more.


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