Like Crazy (Movie Review)


Aaargh. Just aargh. This started as a promising little movie about love and long distances.  Two things that don’t go together as numerous examples indicate. It’s true that it gives the start for a few good stories and movies, but Like Crazy isn’t one of them.

It starts with the meeting of the two characters. (I must say I don’t remember their names and I just finished watching the thing. I only remember the names Simon and Sam, and they are the BF and GF of the other two when they’re not together, does that make sense?). Anyways they fall desperately in love with each other and when it’s time for her to go back home because of her visa, she’s so stupid and stays a week longer. Ok, I get that this triggered the rest of the movie, but from then one, it just went downwards.

A lot of people liked this movie because it tells the story of a young love and it’s ups and down and the difficulties of a long distance relationship. And as much as I loved the actors (they played so naturally and easy, and not at all overacting like so many young actors like to do), I hated the characters. They guy, Jacob (I looked it up) was so passive and always agreeing with Anna (looked it up too) and she was just so controlling, and it always had to be her way. I like a strong female lead character, as any other girl, but she was just whining to much for my taste. She wanted to stay past her visa and then she’s surprised they don’t let her back in the United States. Euhm Girl, you asked for it.

Then it’s just one trouble after the other. They fall in love, each with another person, but then Anna calls and he’s running around his apartment, breaking up with his GF, jumping on a plane to England. There he feels like he’s on a vacation. Well, dude, you are on one. The movie keeps on coming with little things like this that are just so irritating I wanted to stop watching at several moments.

I think it was the chemistry between the actors that kept me going.

2,5 stars. I’ll probably watch it again someday, just to see if my opinion has changed about it. Who knows.


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