Melancholia (Movie Review)


Ok, the first 45 minutes, nope scratch that, the first hour I spent hating the movie. Really, I start falling in sleep and it’s to bad, because the images are wonderful and the actors play remarkably. The story just didn’t progress fast enough and I talked to my grandma about it and she persuaded me to keep on watching the film so I did. And then it got interesting.

We get to know the problem that Justine had felt coming. There’s a planet that will pass (or hit) the earth in five days and even Claire is feeling insecure about her safety on this planet. The rest of the film you have this feeling that something is coming, something big. This planet is threatened by a planet, that may or may not hit the earth. While Claire is afraid of Melancholia, afraid of the coming impact and the loss of her life, her son and her planet; Justine isn’t afraid and waits for the impact, the life on this planet is evil and we shouldn’t regret leaving it behind or the destruction of it.

There are so many different things you can read into this movie, that I won’t even try to tell what I saw in this movie. The actors were amazing. The second part of the movie drew me in and I could only wait the end with impatience to see what would happen and how it would end.

Kristen Dunst is normally not one of my favourite actresses, but she’s really convincing in this one and I can’t wait for her next projects.

3,5 stars, because of the beginning.


One thought on “Melancholia (Movie Review)

  1. vinnieh says:

    Well written post about a film that rteally divides opinion.

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