Ghent Film Festival

This blog is just a short update of what to come.

I had the amazing opportunity to go to this film festival, partly for free. Being a film student I got a special card which gave me the chance to go see all the press screenings for free. And hell did I use this card.

I think I saw 20 movies in total. Movies that won’t came out until december, here in Belgium.

For the next week or two… I’ll try posting all my thoughts about these movies on my blog. It could be that I post some other blog-updates between about movies or books, nothing to do with Ghent Film Festival, but just bare with me. I’ll try to put the sign of the Film Festival of Ghent, underneath every post about it.

So, I guess I’ll leave it here, but here’s the list of the movies, about which a blog will soon be coming:

– For Ellen (So Yong Kim)

– Kid (Fien Troch)

– Jagten (Thomas Vinterberg)

– Jack and Diane (Bradley Rust Gray)

– Après Mai (Olivier Assayas)

– Side by Side (Christopher Kenneally)

– Offline (Peter Monsaert)

– Frankenweenie (Tim Burton)

– Anna Karenina (Joe Wright)

– Beyond the Hills (Cristian Mungiu)

– The Sapphires (Wayne Blair)

– Kuma (Umut Dag)

– The Company You Keep (Robert Redford)

– The Paperboy (Lee Daniels)

– Captive (Brillante Mendoza)

– Killing Them Softly (Andrew Dominik)

– The Perks of Being a Wallflower (Stephen Chbosky)

– Le Monde Nous Appartient (Stephan Streker)

– In Another Country (Sang-soo Hong)

– Premium Rush (David Koepp)

Quite a lot, some I loved, some I liked, some I just hated and wanted to run away in the middle of it.

I’ll begin posting as soon as possible…



Les Seigneurs (Movie Review)


A former footballer living in Brittany enlists his old teammates to help the local fisherman to win some games in order to raise money and save jobs. (IMDB)

Being of the French nationality, when there’s a French movie coming out in Belgium, I usually go and watch it. So I did with this one too. And I quite liked it. It was a good movie. They made us feel the right emotions on the right moments.

The beginning of the movie was, at my taste, a little too fast. We jumped from the main character’s victory to his losing everything in just 2 minutes. It was well made, but the starting of the movie was a little too quick for my taste. After five minutes though, I was completely drawn into the story and laughed until the movie was finished.

The actors were back in their roles they were most famous for. But it made a lot of sense in this movie, despite the fact that I would have liked to see them in a different light.

The love for his daughter is the main reason for the main character to pull his life back together again. This entire movie was a perfect balance between drama and comedy and who used themes as drinking and drugs problems with a finesse rarely seen in French movies.

De director did some special moves with the camera. In one scene for example he moved the camera up and down, from left to right. It just made me a little sick. And at end match he used a lot of long shots which didn’t give the feeling we were a part of it. It missed some closeness with the characters. All this was quite weird for a commercial movie, but being a film student it is refreshing to see that directors try different things, even if they sometimes don’t work.

All by all, a nice French movie, 3,5 stars.