Lincoln (Movie Review)


As the Civil War continues to rage, America’s president struggles with continuing carnage on the battlefield and as he fights with many inside his own cabinet on the decision to emancipate the slaves. (IMDB)

I am and always have been a huge Steven Spielberg-fan, but since I started studying film and actually getting to know some other directors better and their merits, I’m starting to see that Spielberg is indeed a great director, but that he doesn’t take any chance with his movies. The story is a big one – president Lincoln and the Thirteenth Amendment – not a light portion of history. But the way he portrays it is true to himself and classic cinema. Sometimes I wish he would try some new things in his movies. Anyways, enough about Spielberg. Let’s talk about Lincoln.

This movie is a real pearl. It starts off maybe a bit too much like a documentary, but after a few minutes we’re transported in the story by the amazing performance of Daniel Day-Lewis. I must say, I have seen him in a lot of things, but I wouldn’t be able to recognize him in real life, that’s how an actor he is. He transports himself in the character, he becomes the character. He is one with the character. In this movie he was Lincoln, no doubt about it. I wouldn’t be surprised should he win Best Actor at the Oscars. He would definitely deserve it. 

I had goose bumps the whole time. Daniel Day-Lewis was seriously convincing as Lincoln. Sally Field as his (a little deranged) wife also put down a great performance. Their scene together about the loss of their son, made me cry. It was so intense and real. You immediately fell for their relationship and their sorrow. I think overall that there’s was not one performance in this movie that was out of place.

The entire movie was a fine 2 hour and a half long, but you didn’t notice it at all. Everybody knows how it ends, but you just can’t keep rooting and feeling stressed every time Lincoln and his group fell upon a struggle towards the Thirteenth Amendment. You keep rooting for them to make it happen and the scene in the parliament when they’re voting is just so nerve-wracking.

All in all, a beautifully made movie with amazing performances and a gripping story.

4 out of 5 stars. 


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