New Trailer Reviews

There are plenty of new trailers that dropped the last few days/weeks. So I wanted to sum some of the more memorable and one that just leaves me confused.

The Mummy

Reboot of the Mummy with Tom Cruise… euhm…


I’m not a fan of Tom Cruise. There, I said it. Let the backlash begin. Honestly, I don’t know why that is. I just don’t know. I just can’t connect to his acting and to his movies. I’m afraid it’s going to be the same with this one. The originals were okay. They were a nice piece of entertainment and I enjoyed them on a saturday night with my family.

What I am excited about is to see Sofia Boutella at work. She has an interesting resume for the moment, starting in Kingsman (where she was so freaking awesome) and an interesting role in Star Trek:Beyond. I can’t wait to see her take on the mummy. It won’t be a film I’ll see in theatres I’m afraid, but I’ll keep it in mind for a slow saturday night.


Stephen King at his best…

This looks creepy as hell. I already have chills just by watching this trailer. I could never finish this novel, and I’m so scared of clowns that I always ran away from such movies. But after seeing this trailer, I don’t know. I will cry. I will scream. I won’t sleep for weeks or even months and I will probably regret it the moment I will have seen it. But honestly, this looks so good I just want to see it.

If you have seen Hemlock Grove on Netflix you know how scary Bill Skarsgard can be. Here he plays Pennywise and I can’t wait to see how he brings him to life. Looking at the fews glimpses we see in this trailer, he’s going to be scary as hell. I don’t think they could have picked a better actor to portray this iconic character in real life. He’s going to scare people for years to come.

If I have the guts for it and I’m going with loads of friends, I’ll maybe see it in cinemas, but only at two in the afternoon so I have time to process it before dark. ^^

Spider-Man Homecoming (trailer #2)

Now this is film I’m excited for. It looks so great.

We already got an introduction into his characters in the latest Marvel film, where we see Tony Stark looking for Peter to ask for his help. We’ve got to see him and his funny quirks and off course, since I saw Captain America: Civil War, I’m hugely anticipating this one.

It’s not that the others were bad. I loved the first ones with Tobey Maguire (not so much the third one), but overall they were great and one of the first superhero films I saw and loved. It basically gave me an in into this type of film. The Amazing Spider-man came next but here I only saw the first one. Andrew Garfield was ok, but he was less funny. He went more the serious nerdy way and I think they all took this reboot a bit too seriously.

But here we have Tom Holland giving his twist to this beloved character and I’m actually really looking forward to it. He was great in Captain America. He is funny, young and from the few shots he’s flying around, you can read so much in his body language. Michael Keaton comes back to the superhero genre as a bad guy. The fight scenes look slick. I mean, these are all reasons why I’m really, really anticipating this film. I’ll be sure to check this one out when it comes out in cinemas.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (teaser #2)

Cara Delevigne and Dane DeHaan in a sci-fi movie by Luc Besson… I’m intrigued…

This movie will be gorgeous. You can already see that from the trailer. All Luc Besson’s films have this beauty around them that leave you in awe of the images. I’ve been following his Instagram in the hope of catching glimpses of this film and stills and such. Now that this movie is approaching, I feel my excitement for it rise. I was not a huge fan of Lucy, so I do feel that he has to prove himself with this one. Lucy was a bit of a mess, not making sense all the time, but beautifully filmed and an excellent Scarlet Johannson. I hope that with this movie he will show that he’s great at making films, because he is. It is a huge undertaking and trying to adapt such loved material is always a risk, but I do think it is safe in his hands.

Cara Delevigne though, will have to surprise me. I think she was ok in Suicide Squad but she didn’t really have this huge role in it, except looking crazy. Here she will be able to show more of her ability to act and I’m a bit nervous to see how she will be. (Nope, I haven’t seen Paper Towns yet, so I don’t know). The other cast is marvelous. Dane DeHaan is a great actor. Rihanna seems to have a really cool part. Clive Owen and Ethan Hawke are part of the cast. Luc Besson managed to surround himself with some great actors to bring these characters to life. This is another one I’ll want to watch in cinemas (just for the images alone).

War for the Planet of the Apes (trailer #1)

Family. Friends. Apes… Planet of the Apes…

This is the third film in this series and it looks amazing. It looks darker and more like a war film than any of the others. I heard they’re already planning a fourth one and I’m so afraid they’re going to milk this series, but I’m still hugely anticipating this one. I loved the originals and the new movies are great as well and I can’t wait to see how they all fit together and to see how they connect to the originals.

Woody Harrelson looks great as the big villain here in this film and the apes look better each movie. Andy Serkis is one of the bests in acting with motion capture and comes to light in these films. He should get an award for his work. We also see a human child in Ceasar’s care. Could she be the one? I’m so excited to see how it all connects. This is another one I’ll definitely watch in the theatre.

What do you think? Are any of these films on your watchlist? And which ones will you be seeing in cinemas?


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