New Trailer Reviews (#9)

The Greatest Showman

A musical about the start of Showbizz

This original take on the start of showbizz has some great actors and actresses linked to it. We off course have Hugh Jackmann, who already showed us one of his strength is in musicals. Zac Efron is going back to the genre after High School Musical. We see Zendaya taking on a more mature role than we’re used from her and even Rebecca Ferguson and Michelle Williams are joining the party. From this trailer I have the feeling this will be a perfect blend of music, cinematography, colours and light. They didn’t give us a clear view on the storyline, except on the start of the show, but I do think this will be one to watch.

A Bad Moms Christmas

The bad moms are back

And they’re tackling the most fun holiday of them all: Christmas. The original was one of my favourites movies of the past year, just because it was so funny and the perfect movie to go see with my friends. Now we’re getting an entire new movie in an entire other setting and period. Christmas is going to get dirty and bad and I love it.They can do so much fun things with this holiday and these characters and I can’t wait to see what they get up to next.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Jumanji is back

And yet again we have a remake. Ok, it’s not really a remake, but you know what I mean. The last year filmmakers and studios have been delving back in their archives to see what other stories they could bring back to life in a ‘newer’ look. Here it is time for Jumanji. The original was one of my favourite childhood movies, one I always watched when I was at my grandmother’s home, so it does have a special meaning for me. The first thing they changed is the game itself: it’s not a board game anymore, but it’s now a videogame. I don’t think this was an important change, but it does go with the way they want the story to unfold. The fact they change into another body, is an interesting change and will give a lot of opportunities for jokes and other events. I’m not entirely sure I will watch this one in cinemas, but it is one I want to watch at some point.

Death Note

American take on a Manga

If only this will come out ok. I’m so afraid of what they’ll do with this story. I’m a huge fan of the Manga and I’ve been devouring them. These are the kind of books you just can’t put down. With twists and turns at each turning of a page, you keep wanting more and I desperately want to know how it ends. With this movie, Netflix takes a chance and even though they already told that they took a lot of creative freedom, by putting the name ‘Death Note’ on it, you can’t but leave the fans with a certain expectation. Putting the white washing aside, I do hope that they keep to the core of the story and that it’ll be the most faithful adaptation as possibly can, storywise at least. I’ll have to see, but I’ll only watch it if I read all the Volumes. I do not want to be spoiled by this Netflix movie.


“I don’t just want to survive, I want to truly live”

Andy Serkis brings us a tale of love, true strength and endurance set in a time not that far away. We follow the story of Robin who falls ill with Polio and starts losing all ability to walk and breathe. He finds strength in the love of his wife and sets on a marvellous adventure to find a way to live, truly live and not just survive. This seems like such a beautiful drama set at the beginning of this century. I like movies that are set in the not so distant past and that tell us stories of remarkable human beings that are not always put forward. This is also the first movie directed by Andy Serkis so I can’t wait to see how he tackles an entire movie. He previously directed some scenes in the Hobbit trilogy and these were already breathtakingly gorgeous, so I can’t wait to see his full creative vision in play. This will definitely be one I will check in cinemas.

Marvel’s Inhumans (ABC Tv Series)

Marvels takes over another network

This show seems a little strange. I honestly don’t know anything about this comic and the story and I didn’t get a lot of information from the trailer either. There is one who can’t speak of won’t speak because his power is connected to it. Iwan Rheon is back playing the bad guy. And there are a lot of other characters that come to earth and then problems arise and that is the only thing I got from this. The special effects do look incredible and that would be the only reason I would check this out. That and Iwan Rheon playing a bad guy again. I’m not sure about this one. 

What do you think? Are any of these films on your watchlist? And which ones will you be seeing in cinemas?


Movie Review – Hacksaw Ridge

Another interesting WWII tale

HR_03‘WWII American Army Medic Desmond T. Doss, who served during the Battle of Okinawa, refuses to kill people, and becomes the first man in American history to receive the Medal of Honor without firing a shot.’ (IMDb) (by Mel Gibson, 139 min.)

This movie came as a total surprise to me. I didn’t know I would like it so much. The story itself interested me, but I was a bit afraid it wouldn’t touch me. That they would focus more on the fight and not his story. But I should have had faith in Mel Gibson and his storytelling.


Because he tells everything. We meet him when he’s a little kid. We see him growing up, trying to cope with his father who has Post-traumatic Stress Disorder after the First World War and who is the only one from his group who came back to America. Needless to say, that when Desmond told him he would go to war, he freaked out. Completely.


But the most important thing here, is that Desmond didn’t fire a shot at all. Because of his faith he can’t touch a gun and certainly not fire one. He wanted to go to war to help others, to save them, to be of service and become a doctor.

It’s a very long film, but the entire story is just so compelling that you just don’t see the time pass by. You’re so enthralled in the film and in this story, especially at the end, that when the movie is over, you wish there was more.


The most important reason I think that is, is off course Mel Gibson’s way of filming. He’s a master of images, of long historic tales with grand endings. The images are brilliant, the music adds to the feeling of the film and his direction of his actors is just on point.


Again here the movie is carried by Andrew Garfield. He’s just perfect in this movie. Just like in silent, he takes this out of the normal-role and takes it even more out of this world. He is Desmond and his accent is just so believable. The way he carries himself and goes through everything at training. Never throwing his friends or comrades under the bus. He’s just a brilliant actor and I can’t wait to see what he’ll play next.

8/10 stars… I’ll definitely be watching this one again.

Movie Review – Silence by Master Scorsese

A masterpiece of cinematography

Martin Scorsese did it again. Silence is a masterpiece, a historical epos about one of the more interesting stories of Christianism. It has been a passion project for Scorsese and you feel it. It took him more than 40 years to get it to our screens, to get enough funding, but I do think it helped him tell the story and tell it the way he wanted us to experience it.


And experience it you do. It is not an uplifting story or a movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is a story about suffering, about how far a human being can go before he cracks under pressure, how much one single being can and will endure for his faith and that of others. It is something you experience, that washes over you, that takes a grip on you and just doesn’t let go.  

Though the story at some moments seems very long, tedious and drags a little bit, it is necessary I feel to have this sense of loneliness and of the duration of everything Father Rodrigues goes through. I don’t think that we have any idea how long they have lived there in hiding, trying to pass Christianism to the Japanese. Trying to help them find the faith and believe in it. I don’t think we know how much they suffered in Japan, a country which doesn’t care for this new and strange religion and at that moment sees it as a burden. It is long. It is gripping. It is one of a kind.


This entire movie is being carried by Andrew Garfield. The different movie posters and trailers make it seem as if Liam Neeson is the central actor of this movie, but we don’t see him that much. It does revolve around finding him in Japan, but it’s in the end not his story. We follow Father Rodrigues (played by Andrew Garfield) in his journey through the harsh country. Andrew did his best performance in this film. He shows his entire range of acting here, going from happiness to sadness. You feel with him and I do think that without him this film would have had less of an impact on me.

I also greatly admire the Japanese actors. I don’t know much of them, but they are an important part of the story. Issei Ogata is exquisite as the Inquisitor Inoue who pursues the fathers through the country and tries to keep Christianity out of his country. Mokichi is another important character in Silence. Played by Shin’ya Tsukamoto, Mokichi gives us some of the more light moments of the movie. Even making us laugh now and then.

silence-03I could go on and on. This is a masterpiece and Martin Scorsese at his best. Don’t go in expecting to see a movie. You’ll go watch a film. One that will stay with you and make you think and make you feel all the misery that those Fathers and the Christians went through in Japan. I can only admire Martin Scorsese and his perseverance going through with this movie and giving us this tale, that I think no other director would or could give us this epic tale.

8,5 / 10 stars.