Series Review – Girlboss

Girlboss_01Sophia, a misfit, discovers a passion for fashion, becoming an unlikely businesswoman in the process. As her business grows, however, she has to learn to cope with life as her own boss.’ (IMDb) (on Netflix, 13 ep. of approx. 26-30 min.)

This series just wasn’t for me. I’m all for a strong story where a female lead makes it from the ground up, but the important part here is that we actually like the character as well and this is where it got stuck for me.

I hate Sophia. I do admire her for her hard work and for the guts she has to make all her dreams happen. I could use some of that fierceness in my life. But overall she was a bitch. She didn’t care at all for the people around her. She didn’t care for the people she trampled on getting to where she needed to go. And although it got a little bit better towards the end, it didn’t seem genuine at all.


There was a story arc throughout this first season: her finding her way, her shop, her ebay and then her site. But every episode centered on something in her life, which made me lose interest after the third episode and then again after the ninth. Why there specifically? I don’t know. Because I think I had it with the way they told the story. I would have prefered to see a bigger arc over the episodes rather than a lot of little ones each episode.


I think it’s unfortunate if you have a good story, but the main character is just not relatable at all. The thing that happened at the end in her relationship, just didn’t stir anything within me. I wasn’t pissed of or feeling anything for her. I was just not caring about Sophia at all. I liked the side characters much more. I enjoyed the times Annie (her best friend) or Gail (another Vintage Clothes seller on ebay, her rival) where on screen, but that was it.


I get the feeling that although Netflix gives more and more money to make series and movies, and they do give a lot of creative control to the directors, there is a slight decrease in quality. I hope this won’t rub off on some of the more famous series (OITNB for example).

5/10 stars. If there comes a second series, I won’t be watching.