Never Let Me Go (Movie Review)


“ Kathy H, Tommy and Ruth are students at a mysterious boarding school. Kathy watches from afar as Ruth and Tommy fall in love, but fate has a greater threat in store for all of them. “ (IMDB description)

This movie took me by surprise. I thought I was going to hate this movie, because frankly, I’m not a big fan of Keira Knightley. There’s just something about her face that makes me not believe her performances. This movie was saved by Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield, who both put down an amazing job in this one.

The story takes begins in a school were children find out that they are made to be organ-donors when they grow up. Next to that there’s a little love story growing between Kathy H and Tommy. But then Ruth comes between them. (She’s played by Keira Knightley later). From the moment Ruth came into the picture, you keep rooting for Kathy H. and Tommy to find their way back together. What you get, is a story of growing up and a love story between three friends.

I must say Mark Romanek did an amazing job filming the heart-wrenched story and trying to keep us interested and involved in the story. I couldn’t keep my eyes away from this strange place and their habits of clocking in when they come back from somewhere. It must be horrible living while you know that in a short amount of time you’ll complete and never see your friends again.

I couldn’t keep my eyes dry. I kept rooting for Tommy and Kathy H. to be together and when they did, you just keep hoping that somehow they can save each other and stay together for the rest of their lives. I won’t say how it ends but I was moved. I was crying for half an hour after the film.

5 stars, and nothing less.